• Learn Structural Integration
    Learn Structural

    Boost the effectiveness of your work. Incorporate fascial knowledge to grow your practice.

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  • Body Mechanics
    Improve your body
    mechanics &
    extend the life of
    your practice.

    Through the Soma Institute receive specialized training and fulfill your CE credits.

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  • Meaningful Work
    Work with your
    clients in a deeper,
    more meaningful

    Go beyond fix-it work. Add depth, integrity and finesse to your practice.

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  • Fascial Knowledge
    Transform your
    practice by
    fascial knowledge.

    Understanding whole-body relationships increases your skill and informs your touch.

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Somassage Training

What is Soma

Somassage® is our premier workshop addressing full-body organization of the fascial structure. Enhance your client’s relationship to gravity by supporting their structural balance and suspension mechanics. Somassage® will give you skills to work with ease while helping your clients feel great!


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Somassage Workshop is August 23-26, 2018.

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What is Soma?

What is Soma

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration (SNI) is a system structural rebalancing of the body’s fascial web. Through 11-sessions each region of the body is addressed. Client’s regain freedom of movement and are supported in developing new movement patterns. SNI is the most thorough and powerful modality we offer through the Soma Institute.


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Resting in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, the SOMA Institute is located at 730 Gravity Way, Buckley Wa 98321.


Vist the Soma Institute website to learn more about the 750-hour certification training: